The Krugerrand is the most widely held and actively traded coin in the world, with over 60 million sold.

It is the easiest way for investors to own and trade gold. It has been a trusted coin since it was first minted in 1967. Krugerrands are designed for the discerning investors worldwide. They are ounce-denominated bullion coins, available in four sizes containing exactly 1oz, 12 oz, 14 oz or 110 oz of pure gold. Their value is directly linked to their gold content and the trading spot price at the present time.

In addition to Krugerrands, we supply Bullion Bars and Bullion Coins if required.

Krugerrands are 22 carat coins, containing (1112) 24 carat gold and (112) copper. It is an ideal and tradable investment vehicle.

Krugerrands offer you the ideal way to protect your wealth against the uncertainty in currency fluctuations and ensures that your wealth grows accordingly.

The benefits of owning real gold   

Wealth Protector     |     Legacy Builder     |     Increases Liquidity     |     Portable   |       Durable     |     Rand Hedge

Legal Tender Coin     |     The World’s First Bullion Coin     |     Traded Internationally